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About Us

The heart and soul of the small café in the Buddestrasse in Berlin-Tegel are the owner Svenja Fox and Head-Barista Keisuke Tanaka, who have turned the former well-kept secret BUDDE KAFFEE into an institution, a destination for everyone looking for an extremely well-made cup of coffee in a comfortable and friendly setting.

extracting shot photo taken by Mirko

Our Coffee

At BUDDE we offer coffee made according to specialist preparation methods. Our coffee beans are ground in a Mahlkönig 43s coffee grinder and prepared in a Kees van der Westen ‘Spirit’ espresso machine.

The beans needed for each espresso are all measured before they are ground, and so is each espresso ‘shot’ after it lands in the cup. Grinding grade, TDS-value, extraction ratio, brewing pressure and temperature are all regularly checked. The water is filtered before it goes into the espresso machine. The portafilter, filter and grouphead are cleaned before every espresso shot. In this way we achieve a consistency of strength and flavour.

Flat White

The coffee beans are exclusively sourced from Berlin roasteries, which deal only in speciality coffees. In this way we can guarantee the highest quality and the tracing of the production chain back to the farm the coffee has come from. There is no seal of approval which may often suggest fair trade but actually only helps large coffee enterprises to be profitable. The roasteries we have chosen work closely together with the farmers and there is absolute transparency of trade and production. Fjord, Nano Kaffee, Five Elephant, Vote, Bonanza are roasteries which regularly supply us with coffee.

extracting coffee

As well as these single varieties we offer a blended one. Especially for much-loved milk-based coffees like cappuccino we use our house blend, BUDDE–BLEND, an Arabica blend from the four central and south-American countries: Colombia, Guatemala, Brazil and Nicaragua. Especially when made with milk, this coffee has notes of milk chocolate and nuts. BUDDE–BLEND is roasted for us by the Berlin roastery Jochen Hintze

cake photo taken by Matthias

Our Cake

The speciality of the café is a daily changing selection of vegan cakes made by Mansfield Park, a Berlin company specialising exclusively in vegan cakes, as well as wedding and birthday cakes. Freshly baked croissants and homemade wholemeal sandwiches offer a hearty savoury alternative.